The Artists

Both Artists

J. W. and Sandi Baker created WOLF SONG STUDIO shortly after their marriage in 2005. Both Artists have extensive backgrounds in art with various mediums. Their work hangs in galleries, shows and private collections, and have been featured in many art related magazines, books and similar art publications worldwide, as well as being licensed by various companies for their products. Currently living and working in North Carolina, the couple continues to create art together.

The studio's name reflects the purpose of the song of wolves... the name itself resonates the primal need for like minds and spirits to find each other and to come together to support one another - such a union makes the whole greater than the sum of it's parts. Two Artists, drawn together in this same way, unite and endeavor to create artworks greater than their individual efforts to date...

''It is our hope to reflect and share that vision with all those who view our work.''
- J W and Sandi Baker

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